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What is the best floor for a garage?


Cost $3-5 per square foot


Epoxy floors last as long as the home does

They don't stain and are easy to clean no matter the mess

unlimited custom options and designs for your floor

Epoxy floors can fix cracks in your existing floor

Can be installed in as little as one or two days

Price includes it being done by a specialist!


If an Epoxy floor isn't installed correctly you could end up wasting hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a failed floor which is why it's important to go with a trusted specialists when you choose to upgrade your garage.

Roll out Floors

Cost $1-3 per square foot



The roll on mats are easy to install

You can find them at any Lowe's or Home depot Store


These floors are not very durable and if it tears you will have to buy a whole new piece to replace the damaged section

Not very many options for the layout or design of the floor


Cost Between $2.50 and $4


They're easily accessible and can be shipped to you're house

They tear or rip you only have to replace the one tile


They're harder to clean because tiles aren't vapor sealed any oils or liquid spills would seep under the tiles forcing you to take up the floor if you want it cleaned

Still not as many options on patterns and designs

Price includes doing it yourself

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