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What is Epoxy?

Epoxy is the end result of a mixture of a Liquid Epoxy "Resin" (Part A)  and "Hardener" or "Curative" (Part B) once mixed and cured turn from a liquid into solid Epoxy.

How much does it cost to Epoxy my Garage?

We've had some of our competitors quote our customers as high as $12 a square foot for their garage floor which is WAY overpriced! However price will always be dependent of the size and condition of the floor, but for a standard garage in good condition you shouldn't be charged any more than $5 per square foot  our lifetime floors are actually cheaper than this!  

Just be mindful of your price range and make sure you aren't over quoted by the competition  good luck!

So how Long do Epoxy Floors Last?

This is why Epoxy floors have grown so much in popularity over the past few years is because of their ability to handle regular usage for long periods of time while being easy to clean and maintain.  Dealing with Epoxy it's critical to choose the right product for each floor you install this will drastically effect how long your floor will last. Some DIY epoxy kits might last 6-8 months while a quality material and proper install could last a lifetime, we've been in business for over 10 years and have not had a call for a  failed floor.

Will the Epoxy cover the cracks in my floor? 

In short Yes, because Epoxy is actually strong enough to patch cracks, hold them together and still withstand  the same heavy usage, however that doesn't mean it crack-proof if the foundation under the concrete were to shift it would still crack just as any floor would but the epoxy and crack repair will still leave your floor "stronger" than before.

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